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Twin Lion Communications is a media production and consulting company, led by President and Creative Director Dan O'Rourke. We serve law firms in Texas and beyond, wherever attorneys and their clients seek the best outcomes

We tell powerful stories, not merely “day in the life” presentations, but compelling, broadcast- quality stories of people who are killed or catastrophically injured, and of families devastated by the wrongdoing of others. We establish

defendant liability by reporting their own words and actions

During his broadcast career, O'Rourke was four times named  the Best Television Reporter in Texas by the Associated Press. He’s interviewed seven US Presidents, stood in several hurricanes, exposed scandals, and told the heartwarming stories that remind us about the best in ourselves. He’s reported nationally for ABC, NBC, and PBS.  He was the first producer to arrive in New Orleans to cover the Hurricane Katrina disaster. Along the way, NASA chose him as a national finalist to become the first journalist-astronaut, until the Challenger tragedy ended the program


He realizes now that decades of news experience shaped him into the writer and storyteller he is now, devoted to helping personal injury victims and the great law firms that advocate for them

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